Moving? Building a New Office? Adding On To Your Existing Wiring?

Let our expert staff wire your building. We take great pride in our data, phone, cable television, alarm, and security wiring solutions. Unlike many wiring contractors, we believe in doing clean, proper installations.

We plan your wired network, wireless network, wiring closet/rack installation, phone system, surveillance system, and alarm wiring to match your wants and needs. Once you are satisfied with our design, we begin installation following industry standards and codes. When complete, we label everything to assure you understand what connects to where, and we provide detailed documentation for your records. Here are a few important things to know when contracting wiring jobs.

Network wiring should not be an afterthought! 

Computer networks depend upon physical connections for their operation. If a network is not wireless, then it needs wiring to allow computers to share information. If the wiring is loose or intermittently disconnected, people will have trouble accessing shared information. If the wiring is of poor quality, electrical signals from nearby equipment could force your network computers to resend information many times until it goes through - a situation that degrades performance for everyone on your network. Always make sure that you are using wire and connectors that are built for the type of network you have instead of using standard telephone wires and jacks. Sometimes people think that their server is slow when the real culprit is wire that was incorrect or poorly installed

Good installation quality is essential.

Installation quality makes a big difference in reliability. The typically twisted wires of a local Ethernet must be trimmed close to the punch-down point to ensure adequate protection from stray electrical signals. Jacks should be mounted firmly into the wall or patch panel. Many installers are lazy when it comes to carefully installing jacks and wire connections. Cables should not be bent severely or crushed beneath over-tight cable ties, otherwise, wires may be broken inside the insulation, which creates invisible defects. If you allow the installer to do sloppy work, it will cost you over and over again in the future.

Proper labeling saves time and money

Insist upon clearly labeled wiring with tags that won't fall off. Our team will make sure that every wire, connection jack or fixture is labeled in a legible, accessible way. We label EVERYTHING at both ends of the connection. Having to trace and hunt down wires during network service can take time, which costs you money and perhaps downtime during migrations or upgrades.

So the next time you need wiring for your company, trust the professionals at Technology Unlimited to get the job done RIGHT!

Need electrical wiring? We partner with licensed electricians to get you licensed installation from adding a new outlet to rewiring an old building or constructing a new building. We will be happy to refer these industry professionals to you.

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