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Since early 2012 I have been making regular trips to a remote location in Southwestern Oklahoma to witness the birth of a new wind farm. In fact, a farm in which I have an interest was one of the lucky few who were selected by a study as a location for the new Rocky Ridge Wind Farm, and two turbines were to be constructed on our land.

The process from the study, to leasing the land, to the actual construction of the turbines has been a three-year process. This week marked the day when our two turbines were erected. I went to witness the construction in person and to take photos and videos, as it would change the landscape for the next 40 years.

It was an awesome site to see a fully constructed rotor (the propeller of the turbine), weighing in at about 50 tons, lifted in whole to the top of the tower and watch it turn in the breeze for the first time. The turbines stand nearly 400 feet tall from base to the tip of the upright prop blade, and will each supply over 1.6 megawatts of power to the residents of Oklahoma.

It is great to see such ventures take shape in our State and to see mankind harness the clean and abundant energy that is there for the taking. The farm that my Grandfather once called his own continues to supply annual crops of wheat, but in about a month will also begin contributing clean electric power as well!

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