Traditional copper POTS lines are being decommissioned by August 2, 2022.

So what does that mean to me? This is very urgent news that we just received. We have been talking to our clients for years about the benefits of Voice over IP, and need to move away from analog phone lines. Now the government and telco providers have made it essential.

By order of the FCC effective August 2, 2022, all analog (traditional) phone line services will be shut down. That means to continue using phones in your business, and even potentially your home, you will be forced to migrate to a replacement solution if you have one or more of these services from your telecom provider:

Voice over analog lines
Fax delivered over analog lines
Fire Alarms, Fire Panels, Control Panels and Elevators installed on the business premise, that currently connect over analog phone lines to monitoring systems.

Technology Unlimited offers Sangoma phone solutions as an effective migration plan that has already been deployed for many customers. In as little a 3 weeks, we can quote, order, install and migrate your existing phone numbers to a Voice over IP VOIP system, one that extremely feature rich and reliable.

As you can imagine, we will see extreme shortages of equipment to fill this need, and we will be scheduling a large number of our clients and new clients to make the transition in JUST 6 MONTHS! Don’t wait until this shutdown causes your company to scramble for voice communications solutions that replace existing analog phones. But no matter what, by August 02, 2022, telecom services providers will be pulling the plug and officially retiring their POTS lines forever, requiring customers to find an alternative service.

Contact Technology Unlimited today for a quote to replace your existing systems and assure your place in line. 405-773-6037,

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