Focus on Your Business - Not Your Technology

Technology Unlimited is proud to host a best of class Managed Services Provider offering known as TechAssure

Like all businesses, you depend on your network. Have you ever needed to send an important email or access vital information, but the system or data was inaccessible? Traditional support models have you call for help, and wait for a technician to be
dispatched to troubleshoot the problem. In some cases, making multiple trips for parts! This model forfeits precious uptime for diagnosis, travel and repair - all on your dime. We've put an end to that.

Our responsive offering gives you the assurance that your organization's IT infrastructure receives the required level of support. Built on the strength of our suite of tools and our renowned customer service, we respond rapidly to changes in the health of your network and applications, and to your requests for help. Efficient  troubleshooting means that we get you up-and-running faster than ever.

Our enterprise-class IT support and monitoring capabilities empower us to dramatically reduce the time it takes to diagnose and resolve network problems or failures. This translates into increased employee productivity and cost savings for you. In some cases, problems can be avoided before they even happen.

Do these issues plague your business?

  • Downtime impact?
  • Are IT outages distracting your staff from their core focus, or prohibiting them from working efficiently?
  • Wasted time?
  • Do your staff productivity levels drop dramatically during IT outages, interruptions or failures?
  • IT budget crunch?
  • Under pressure reduce IT costs,
  • increase value or maximize profitability?

Program Advantages: Faster issue resolution with full-time network monitoring:

  • With 24x7x365 monitoring, we dramatically shorten the time from computer failure to issue resolution. Our technicians always know the health of your network.
  • Increased productivity: Continuous insight into your network lets us reduce the business impact of IT failure by shortening the time from network failure to issue resolution.
  • Stealthy diagnosis and resolution of desktop issues: With our advanced remote support capabilities, we can rapidly resolve desktop issues without disrupting users – in most cases without them even knowing.

“TechAssure's monitoring of our network, server, and computers health 24 hours a day 7 days a week has provided us valuable information to keep our operations running smoothly and helped us budget more efficiently for upgrades and improvements”

Program Features:

  • 24x7 Performance Monitoring ensures all of the critical network devices that comprise your small business network are healthy and functioning reliably and optimally.
  • Network Monitoring constantly tracks the performance of your network – bandwidth, errors and other key indicators. This means your users always experience a stable environment.
  • Network Health Assessment determines the overall stability of your network.
  • Remote Network Support is delivered remotely from our support center to diagnose and resolve network or server issues rapidly. We keep your key IT resources up and running.
  • Quarterly Network Health Review dedicates time to review reports and issues that are important to the ongoing performance of your network. We translate technology into business terms for you.
  • Printer Monitoring Services greatly improves printer support. We monitor printers for power, toner and drum levels, page counts, paper levels and error messages.
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