Technology Unlimited offers a vast range of surveillance solutions for property security and monitoring of key assets. We carry products like DigiMerge, Lorex, Q-See, and many other brands, many of which offer web-based monitoring and even cell phone monitoring of your property.  

We partner with our certified installers at Electrify Oklahoma, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK. Electrify Oklahoma is certified, bonded and licensed in the State of Oklahoma to assure not only a quality installation, but also the knowledge that your system has been installed to meet code, and homeland security regulations. David Morris, owner of Electrify Oklahoma does clean, quality electric installation and offers everything from a simple electrical outlet installation to generators to surveillance installation.

Technology Unlimited offers site equipment location planning and utilizes Microsoft Visio to design layouts of your surveillance network. Using these plans we work with clients to show the coverage area in detail and adjust the plan to suit your needs prior to any actual installation.

Many of the new systems even offer viewing of your security cameras on your computer or even cell phone via secure login, so you can stay in visual contact even when you are away.

From stationary cameras to all weather solutions, pan-tilt-zoom cameras, infrared illumination and remote access and administration of your network cameras, Technology Unlimited is your source for site surveillance solutions.

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