Social Media Can Help Your Business

As users become more and more dependent on the internet to help them locate products, services, maps, and reviews to help them decide where to buy, social media is surging forward as a way to promote your business.

People use these services more and more each day and have eclipsed the traditional methods of locating these vendors, like yellow pages and news ads. So what can you do to help promote your business? It’s a simple as setting up accounts on the following services and participating frequently in posting to them. However, it is time-consuming, so you need to learn to balance the time spent marketing with the rest of your tasks during the day.

However, it is increasingly important to participate in these social media sites to keep your business at the forefront. In fact, many companies either hire a dedicated person to perform these tasks or look to advertising agencies to help them get the job done.

The majors currently include:

Google Local
Yahoo Local

and I probably missed a few!

Microsoft Brandify is an excellent way to track your progress and see how you stand up against others in the battle for internet search attention. Most of these sites allow users to review or recommend your company, and a great way to get more recommendations is to request them from people with whom you work, friends, and family, and acquaintances.

So get busy and boost your internet presence! In fact, we’d really appreciate it if you looked for us on all these sites and gave us a Like or a Recommendation! (Just search for companies you work with while visiting these sites.) Thanks to all of you who do!

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