Remote Services & Support
Welcome to TechAssure Remote Services from Technology Unlimited!

If you are not currently using Technology Unlimited's TechAssure Remote Services, please call us at (405) 773-6037 for complete details on this money saving service.

Technology Unlimited uses encrypted software to securely access your devices and computers remotely, keeping you safe and compliant. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you!

If you are a customer who is installing our Remote Support Client to allow unattended, secure access by our technicians, please click the following link:

At that page download the installer and install on your computer. You may do this on as many computers, tablets, phones, or even servers as you wish for us to support. All installations will be reviewed by our staff and approved prior to actual use.


If you wish to have our technician access your system remotely on a per instance basis, please contact us at (405) 773-6037 and speak with one of our techs prior to proceeding. When instructed to do so, visit this page:

You will be guided through the process by our technician.

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