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At Technology Unlimited we work continuously with our clients to protect your investment in your business and to keep your data assets safe and secure. Data backup is a significant part of this solution, and keeping a good working backup and off-site set of data is key to data security.

Where the average backup solution for an office with under 2TB of data will cost you around $1,000.00, most data recovery, if successful, will cost between $2K-$10K, and in a few cases, we have seen a cost of $20K for recovery. In our experience, there is also about a 25% chance that no data will be recovered from instances where clients have had drive failures. Our data recovery facility is located in California and is state of the art, clean room facility. But even they cannot always recover your data, and if they can, it is always very expensive.

Another thing to consider is that having two copies of your data, which are both residing at your office, can result in a total loss from fire, theft, flood, and tornado. There must be an off-site set of data as well. This can be a simple secondary backup data drive or a cloud solution, both of which we offer.

For these reasons, Technology Unlimited feels obligated to tell all of our clients how to maintain good data protection practices.

  • Backup daily!
  • Keep at least one set of backups off-site to avoid loss from fire, theft, disaster.
  • Monitor your backups daily to assure successful operation or have them monitored by us.
  • A RAID drive is NOT a backup!!!! In the event of a fire or other disaster, all data will be gone. Offsite is key to data protection.

Technology Unlimited has years of experience in data protection services, hardware and software backup solutions, and remote backup monitoring. We offer a service to watch your backups for a nominal monthly fee. We can also provide a complete quote to install and set up a reliable software and hardware combination to provide secure data backup with off-site rotations.

We are providing this information, not trying to make you panic or scare you into purchasing products, but because it is our duty as your IT support staff to make you aware of these situations, and allow you to make informed decisions about protecting your data. If you have questions or would like to know more about this service, please feel free to call us at any time at (405) 773-6037. We appreciate your business and want to help you keep it running safely and smoothly.

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