Quarterly Security Assessment Scans of Your Network

How secure is your network and the devices on it? Don’t guess, Technology Unlimited now offers quarterly vulnerability scans to detect and report potential threats to your data.

Vulnerability scanning utilizes technology that seeks out security flaws and tests systems for weak points. These scanning systems generate a report of the findings so that your business can use the information to tighten its network’s security.

If you are required to perform PCI compliance reports, these scans will give you the answers your bank or merchant service provider is asking for, and our team will help resolve problems and re-scan to provide compliance reporting.

These reports are also beneficial in meeting HIPPA compliance by reporting computer network and device security.

Even if you are not required to make these reports, the scans can help prevent problems like ransomware attacks, data breaches, and general network vulnerability issues. While many services like these will cost you thousands of dollars a year, Technology Unlimited has an affordable plan with effective results that will save you money and give you peace of mind.

Contact Technology Unlimited today to find out more, and schedule your first scan.

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