Not Upgraded to Windows 7 Yet??!! Why Not?

by Phillip Judd

I have spoken with many people recently who have not yet upgraded to Windows 7. My question to them is ” Why not?” It is a far better operating system than previous versions, for one thing it is superior at dealing with virus and spyware issues. Almost everyone who is still using Windows XP is doing so because of legacy applications that will not run on Windows 7. The good news is there are several solutions to this issue.

1.  Upgrade the software to a Windows 7 compatible version.

2.  Compatibility mode will solve this in some instances.

3.  Virtualize the application.

4.  Virtualize XP on top of Windows 7.

These are simple and cost-effective solutions to help you move forward to better more productive OS.

Give Technology Unlimited a call today at (405) 773-6037 for the solution that best fits your needs.

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