Macintosh Users Be Aware!

If you are a Mac user and assume that you are safe from Virus and Spyware/RansomeWare activity, be advised, you are not safe. According to, a Macintosh anti-virus/anti-malware software provider,

“Security Alert

Caution: Uptick in Mac Malware — Here’s What You Need to Know

February has been a busy month for Intego’s malware research team as we’ve seen a troubling tidal wave of new Mac malware.

OSX/Filecoder: This file-encrypting ransomware program is found on BitTorrent websites, masquerading as an Adobe Premiere CC or Office 2016 patcher. If you get infected, it encrypts your files permanently — even if you pay the “ransom.”

OSX/Sofacy.gen: The biggest buzz in Mac malware this month involved a backdoor associated with a group known variously as Sofacy, APT28, and Fancy Bear. If a Mac has previously been infected by Sofacy’s malware known as Komplex, that malware may download and install XAgent as a secondary infection.

iKitten: A report was published describing Mac malware called MacDownloader or OSX.iKitten.A . The malware was targeted at the United States defense industry and was distributed through a site that impersonated an aerospace firm.

EmPyre Word Macro: A file recently circulated that contained a Microsoft Word macro which contained the EmPyre malicious code and become infected with additional malware.

OSX.Proton.A: A new remote-access Trojan (RAT) called PROTON (OSX.Proton.A) was found on a Russian cybercrime message board. The RAT was reportedly available for other would-be criminals to purchase for their own targeted campaigns, and even offered to add an Apple-approved developer signature to the attacker’s custom RAT software in order to bypass Apple’s Gatekeeper protection on the victim’s Mac.”

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