Technology Unlimited's Drive Savers Partnership
10% off Drive Savers data recovery services, including ransomware recovery, hard drive recovery, flash drive recovery and more.

Technology Unlimited recommends protecting your passwords with LastPass
Today's internet demands the use of strong passwords that are not the same as another site you frequent, and can easily be changed. Yet you don't want to have to remember dozens of passwords. LastPass to the rescue! Get the security you need, with the ease of use. Follow this link to learn more and purchase this security tool.

Ask Technology Unlimited about Two Factor Authentication to create a super secure password environment. Two-factor authentication uses the same password/username combination, but with the addition of being asked to verify who a person is by using something only he or she owns, such as a mobile device or authenticator key. With this method you use two factors to confirm your identity. Technology Unlimited can make this a simple add on to your LastPass.

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