Google Apps Will Not Work In Windows XP Soon

With the introduction of Internet Explorer pending on October 26th of this month, Google has announced that support for versions of IE before version 9 will cease on November 15, 2012.

If you use Google Apps, even something as simple as Picassa photo library, and you are running Windows XP, this is an urgent situation that you need to address.

Windows XP does not allow installation or support of Internet Explorer beyond version 8, so on November 15, your Google apps will no longer work in Windows XP.

But don’t worry, most users can simply upgrade to Windows 7 on their current computer and continue on, maybe with a little memory upgrade as well. Technology Unlimited can help. We can sell you the appropriate version of Windows 7, migrate your data from Windows XP to 7, upgrade any hardware as needed, or even get you a brand new Dell or custom built PC with Windows 7, and migrate your existing data.

We’ll show you the main differences in the operating systems to get you started and soon you’ll be on your way to a better Windows experience than ever before! Call us At (405) 773-6037 for full details or a free quote.

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