End of Support Schedule for Windows 7 Operating Systems

by Scott Guelig

Microsoft is releasing their new operating system Windows 8 in October 2012.  With the release, many consumers believe they will no longer be able to purchase Windows 7.  That is untrue!  Microsoft has announced retailers will be able to sell boxed versions of Windows 7 until October  2013.  OEM’s will be able to sell preloaded computers with Windows 7 until October 2014.  Microsoft also announced support cutoff dates for Windows 7: 

1.  Mainstream support will cease January 2015

2.  End of Support is January 2020.

With these dates in mind: if you’re currently running or plan to upgrade to Windows 7, Microsoft will continue to provide support for the next seven (7) plus years.  Thus providing consumers a stable/supported operating platform for years to come.

If you’re interested in purchasing or upgrading your Windows operating system to Windows 7, please contact Technology Unlimited for pricing.


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