Data Storage Drive Destruction & Secure Data Wipe

Technology Unlimited, Inc. is an Oklahoma City based IT sales, service, and support company with over 20 years in the business of protecting our client’s data, but we are pretty good at destroying it too, at least when that is the desired goal!

We offer data drive destruction to prevent unauthorized access of old data on spinning disk hard drives, as well as SSD drives and even m2 SSD drives. Our HDD Crusher is rated at 6 tons of force! Our drive crusher delivers extreme pressure to hard drives via a conical hardened steel punch that causes catastrophic damage, rendering them inoperable. It literally bends the platter in a 90 degree angle and almost always causes major scratching and bending of the platters in many areas. In some cases the disks actually shatter from the pressure, as with laptop 2.5” drives of modern manufacture.

Once complete it is virtually impossible to recover data from these drives, making them undesirable to data thieves looking for an easy theft. Let Technology Unlimited destroy your old hard drives that are no longer in use, and need to be rendered inaccessible. We destroy drives for only $10 each. You can then either trash or recycle them, or keep them for even more security. But once crushed it is highly unlikely and would cost extreme amounts of money to recover even a portion of the data.

Bring your data drives to us and let us take care of crushing them for you. We also offer complete secure data wiping to Department of Defense standards followed by drive crushing for a $50 per drive fee. This service is recommended for Government Agencies, Medical Data Drives, and when absolute destruction of all data is required. Bulk discounts available.

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