Technology Unlimited incorporates world class cloud backup for your computers, servers, devices, and includes Microsoft 365 and Google App backup solutions to assure your data is safe.
Our client software encrypts your data as it traverses the internet to our encrypted cloud storage facility. This facility has redundancy to assure it is not just in one location. Additionally, you can apply your own encryption key that only you know, to keep your data secure and private. Only you can see your data, as it should be.
We also offer multiple tiers of backup for Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and more. These tiers allow you to maintain multiple renditions of your data, and protects you against losses due to Ransomware. While no backup is impervious to corruption, our facilities check inbound backups against malware.
Can you ever have too many backups of your data? Of course not! That's why we recommend a local hard drive backup, a cloud backup, and multiple versions of your data. Nothing is more costly to a business that loss of their data. That's why our backup solutions are so important, and bundles with our Sophos cyber security solutions, you can rest easy, knowing your business interruption is highly unlikely, and your data is safely archived.
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Cloud Services & Backups

Be sure to visit our link on Sophos Cyber Security Solutions including firewalls, wi-fi access points, switches and endpoint protection, including mobile devices.

MailStore is a mail archiving database for Windows, usually installed on a server in your office, but it will run on any compliant Windows-based computer.
MailStore Server® –
The Standard in Email Archiving
One of the World’s Leading Solutions for Email Archiving, Management and Compliance for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses
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