Since 1997 Technology Unlimited has provided quality consulting, training, support, software and accessories for Macintosh™ computer systems. From June 1997 until October 2012 we were an Apple reseller and service provider, until Apple ended it's relationships with all local resellers. However, we still offer the same after warranty service and repair, support, software, and accessories to our Apple clients, and continue to offer consulting on Apple products and services. We also offer re-certified, used Macintosh™ computers.

We can help you with Apple products like the iPad™ and iPhone™ with support and accessories to assure you make the most of these products.

Technology Unlimited has staff with expertise dating back to 1986 on the Macintosh™ platform.

Save time and money, we offer set-up and delivery, plus complete software installation and data transfer from your old Macintosh or Windows computer.

Need help? Give Technology Unlimited a call.

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